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MTB Age Categories

Code Category Age yrs Code Category Age yrs
National entry level:
NG Nipper Girls 8–10 NB Nipper Boys 8–10
SG Sprog Girls 11-12 SB Sprog Boys 11–12
JG Sub Junior Girls 13-14 JB Sub Junior Boys 13-14
YW Youth Women 15–16 YM Youth Men 15–16
UCI Categories:
JW Junior Women 17–18 JM Junior Men 17–18
UW Under 23 Women 19–22 UM Under 23 Men 19–22
SW Senior Women 23–29 SM Senior Men 23–29
EW Elite Women 23+ EM Elite Men 23+
UCI Masters Categories: 5
SX Sub Vet Women 30–39 SV Sub Vet Men 30–39
VW Veteran Women 40–49 VM Veteran Men 40–49
MW Masters Women 50–59 MM Masters Men 50–59
GW Grand Masters Women 60+ GM Grand Masters Men 60+


  1. Gayle Dicey

    Do the cyclists that are riding in the JM category have to register by 08h00 tomorrow or can the register later? they are cycling at about 12.30.

    • admin

      Unfortunately registration closes at 8am. We cannot extend that to later.

  2. dennis

    hi just a question

    my son is 14 but turns 15 on 18 des 2016 does he ride in jb or jm


    • admin

      Hi Dennis;

      It is always age as at 31 Dec. So if your son will be 15 on the 31 Dec he will ride with the Youth Men (YM).


  3. Rene du Preez

    When and where will the results be available for the XCO series this past weekend at Helderberg Farm, Somerset West?

  4. Chad Kinsinger

    For riders aged 30 to 39. In downhill, senior riders will default to master on reaching the year of their 30th birthday. There is no masters licence category in cross country, however riders of masters age with sport or expert licences may ride in masters races where they are held.

  5. Annita Steyn

    What MTB races are there for women 60+ please

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