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WP XCO #2 Photo Gallery

I have added my photos from Saturdays race. Professional photographers pictures will be available for purchase once he has processed them.

Check under the gallery menu item for the new photos.





Date:                     21 February 2015

Venue:                 Rhebokskloof Wine Estate

The 2nd event in the WP MTB XCO series will be held at Rhebokskloof Wine Estate this upcoming weekend. The wine estate has agreed to open their function venue and will serve cool drinks, tea, coffee and food. The restaurant will also be open during this time and picnic baskets may be ordered in advance.

Additional parking will be provided on the grass field adjacent to the start.


ALL INDIVIDUALS PARTICIPATING MUST BE PRESENT AT REGISTRATION, IRRELEVANT OF WHETHER THEY OWN A SEASON BIKE BOARD OR CSA MEMBERSHIP. This is required to ensure that all data is correctly captured and to guarantee a smooth process while the database is being collated.

Registration will be held at Rhebokskloof Wine Estate between 15h00 – 18h00 on Friday, 20 February and again on Saturday, 21 February between 07h30 and 08h30. No late registration will accepted.


Online registration can be found on the WP MTB website which will close on Thursday evening.  Please ensure that you bring proof of payment along to registration.

The entry fees will be as follows:

Nippers & Sprogs                          R100 per event
All other categories                       R200 per event

Late entries on the morning of the race will be accepted during the registration period which is 07h30 to 08h30.  Entry fees for late entries are as follows:

Nippers & Sprogs                           R125 per event
All other categories                        R250 per event

All entries should be supported by a CSA membership or license card. If you do not have a CSA license, a temporary CSA license can be obtained during the online entry process or physical entry process at R35.

Bike Boards

For those who already have their season’s bike boards allocated to them, this must be brought along and presented during the registration process. Those who have not yet received bike boards will be liable to pay a once-off R50 for an annual bike board. Replacements of bike boards will be levied at an additional R50.

Course Lay-Out

For those that raced WP MTB XCO # 1, the course has been altered. This is due to the fact that the management at Rhebokskloof Wine Estate has granted us the opportunity to use the lawn in front of the function venue, restaurant and manor house. This means that participants will race along the dam wall and the finish line will be positioned to ensure a spectator friendly environment.

Please click here to view the course lay-out. It measures 5km’s for the full course and 2.5km’s for the shortened course (marked in yellow) for the Nippers and Sprogs.

Race Schedule

The race schedule has unchanged from WP MTB XCO # 1. Please click here to view the race schedule.


Official practice is at Rhebokskloof Wine Estate between 07h30 and 08h30 on Saturday morning. The course should be laid out from Wednesday this week, but should you wish to ride at Rhebokskloof Wine Estate you are required to sign their register/indemnity at reception and pay the R35 levy.

Prize Money

Should the number of entrants exceed 250, the prize money will increase substantially from WP MTB XCO # 1. If this is the case, prize money for Elites could exceed R1500.

Race Results

Unfortunately, due to Eskom’s load shedding, a programming error occurred on the timing system. To ensure that the results are accurate they are being reconciled with manual results taken down from Saturday. We expect a full set of results to be posted by Thursday.

Generators will be organised for WP MTB XCO # 2, should load shedding occur.


Photos taken at the WP MTB XCO # 1 by both Shane Wilson and Sieb Sieberhagen will be loaded on the website by Wednesday afternoon. A professional photographer will once again be assigned to WP MTB XCO # 2 at Rhebokskloof Wine Estate. These photographs will be published on the website during the following week.

WP XCO #1: Photo Gallery added

I have added a couple of photos – OK more than a couple – from the race on Saturday. I have added this to the Gallery menu item.

We have more photos coming from our pro photographer.

Full race results should be posted by Wednesday.

Thanks for the awesome support from everyone over the weekend.

Event entries are up for this weekends race. A little more onerous than last time but will hopefully smooth out the registration this weekend.



WP Logo paths.ai

Note: Sprogs and Nippers will be distributed separately.


Pos Name Surname Race Number

1 Mark Moir 402

2 Xavier Scheepers 406

3 Allister Arenson 401


Pos Name Surname Race Number

1 Rossouw Bekker 719

2 Joshua De Freitas 710

3 Niel van Tonder 701


Pos Name Surname Race Number

1 Donovan Le Cok 303

2 Ryan Visser 304

3 Marthinus Kruger 301


Pos Name Surname Race Number

1 Daniel van der Walt 602

2 Luke Moir 603

3 Jamie Penfold 607


Pos Name Surname Race Number

1 Matthew Lombardi 219

2 Matthew Keyser 215

3 Manie Lubbe 216


Pos Name Surname Race Number

1 Simon Stiebjahn 8

2 Matthew Beers 1

3 Justin Tuck 20


Pos Name Surname Race Number

1 Helen Grobert 102

2 Mariske Strauss 101

3 Nophiwo Hala 105


Pos Name Surname Race Number

1 Allison Morton 774

2 Sonique Louw 771

3 Carla Steyn 775


Pos Name Surname Race Number

1 Carla Hollander 646

2 Stefke Tolmay 642

3 Julia Marx 641


Pos Name Surname Race Number

1 Leorine de Wet 372

2 Michelle van Aswegen 371


Pos Name Surname Race Number

1 Lolitha van Aard 451


Pos Name Surname Race Number

1 Linus van Onselen 582

2 Jimmy Mills 501

3 Christopher Kensley 581

WP MTB XCO SERIES #1 : Course Prep

XCO Image #1


The track has currently been marked for those who would like to ride at Rhebokskloof. Please note that the tracks are not race ready and that each rider must report to the reception at Rhebokskloof, sign the register, pay the fee and receive a temporary bike-board.

The sprogs and nippers track is marked in blue, green and black.  The balance of the age groups should follow the ribbon stakes posted on the left-hand side of the track.

The full lap is approximately 5.1km, while the nippers and sprogs will be approximately 2.5km.


The registration fee for the WP MTB XCO Series #1 is as follows:

Nippers & Sprogs                           R100
All other categories                      R200

NB: if you do not have a Cycling South Africa (CSA) membership or riders’ licence, you will be required to pay R35 extra for a temporary license. 

Late entries on the morning of the race will be accepted during the registration period which is 07h30 to 08h30.  Entry fees for late entries are as follows:

Nippers & Sprogs                           R125
All other categories                      R250

No entries will be accepted after 08h30 on the Saturday morning of the race as adequate cut-off is required for the timing system and accurate results.

NB: For 2015 a rider will receive one bike board for the season when registering for the first event.  The cost of the bike board will be levied at R50.  Should a bike board need to be replaced during the season, a R50 fee will be levied again.


Please click here to view the race schedule for the WP MTB XCO Series #1 on 14 February 2015.

WP MTB XCO SERIES #1: More Information

XCO Image #1



Online entries are available on www. wpmtb.co.za  using the Events & Online entries tab.

This entry portal is a pilot programme, it will be enhanced as the season continues. The payment method at present, is only through EFT. Proof of payment must please be e-mailed to warren@leafcapital.co.za ANDsonet.stemmet@paarlmedia.co.za.  You are also required to bring your proof of payment along on day of registration.

The entry fee online excludes the R35 for a temporary CSA licence, this fee is to be paid on day of registration or alternatively select a day license when entering online. Should you be a CSA member, this fee is not required on presentation of your CSA membership card. Those registering online will still be required to fill in certain details on an entry form during the registration process.

It is essential that each person signs their entry form as it includes the indemnity and waiver. All children under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign their entry form.

Please remember that Nippers, Sprogs and Sub-Juniors have a mandatory practice between 07h30 and 08h30 on race morning.


For the purposes of the Western Province MTB XCO Series, Under 23’s and Elites will ride in one category.
Please note: Age is determined as of 31 December 2015.

0-10                       Nippers

11&12                   Sprogs

13&14                   Sub Juniors

15&16                   Youth

17&18                   Juniors

Prize money will be on offer at all the Western Province MTB XCO Series events.

WP MTB XCO #1 and #2: Rhebokskloof Wine Estate


Rhebokskloof Wine Estate

loading map - please wait...

Rhebokskloof Wine Estate -33.684810, 18.932000

The first and second XCO MTB events will be held on 14 February 2015 and on 21 February 2015 at the Rhebokskloof Wine Estate in Paarl.

The individuals at Rhebokskloof Wine Estate have been fantastic in their accommodating of the Western Province MTB Series. We really encourage everyone to make use of the facilities at Rhebokskloof Wine Estate. On competition days, all normal activities held at Rhebokskloof Wine Estate will be continue and will be available to the riders, families and spectators.

The Rhebokskloof restaurant will be available from 09h00 until 17h00. If you wish to reserve a picnic basket, please contact the Rhebokskloof restaurant on restaurant@rhebokskloof.co.za or +27 21 869 8386.


Please click here to view the picnic basket menu.

Please note: If you wish to practice on the Friday before the event, please ensure you sign the register to receive a day permit.

NB: All information can be found on the http://wpmtb.co.za

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