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WP XCO #3 Photo Gallery


  1. Hi Do you have any pics of the ladies please.

    • admin

      2015/04/13 at 15:29


      I did not get many pics during the ladies race, however our pro photographer – Wilhelm Sieberhagan – will have more on his page in the next few days.


  2. Hi
    I have the same question like Diana!
    Could I get the contact from Wilhelm Sieberhagan, please?!


    Greetings Esther

  3. Hi Shane

    Thank you for your link!!
    Could I get your photos in a better resolution?

    Regards Esther

    • admin

      2016/03/07 at 14:56

      Hi Esther, sorry for the delay. For photos on this website I can give you hi-res versions. For the others on Facebook etc you may have to contact Chris Hitchcock directly. Just tell me which ones you want from this site and I will get them to you.


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