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  1. Donovan Tonkin

    2015/02/12 at 10:36

    Hello Sir/Ma’am,

    Are there late entries allowed for this race? My son would like to enter the 15-16 age group.

    Also, how do you go about achieving WP colours?


    Donovan Tonkin

    • admin

      2015/02/12 at 11:13


      Entries are open until 12 tonight (Follow Events and Online Entries from the menu at the top of this page).

      There are usually 3/4 XCO events between now and May. The top 3 riders in each age category in these “Cup” races qualify for colours based on overall points across all the races. If however the rider does not qualify, there is a Championship race during May / June and the top 2 can then qualify for colours.


  2. Donovan Tonkin

    2015/02/12 at 11:21

    Hi Shane,

    THANK YOU for the info. Greatly appreciated!


  3. I entered online. do we still have to be at the event before 8h30 for registration, or can we come in time for our event and then get the numbere etc.?

    • admin

      2015/02/13 at 10:33


      My understanding is that registration closes at 8:30. I will confirm this as obviously the guys that are racing later would not like come earlier cause of that. You could ask someone to collect your number for you. The charge for the race number is R50 and your number is yours for the entire series.


  4. Hi, my son is 12 and will turn 13 on 11 December, is he a sprog or sub jnr?

    • admin

      2015/02/13 at 14:32

      Age groups are based on age as at 31 December therefore your son would be a sub jnr.


  5. Hi. Curious to know if you have found out about registering later on Saturday morning? I just can’t get there that early.

    Thank, Jimmy

    • admin

      2015/02/13 at 14:33

      Jimmy I am sure someone will be manning the table throughout the day. I understand that it is not practical for everyone to get there early. I will make sure that someone is available.


  6. Hi there,

    I was unaware that the entries were closing at midnight last night (I just read the comment stating this). Therefore I have not entered.. I am going to the track just now, would I be able to enter at the track now?

    Kind regards

    • admin

      2015/02/13 at 15:05

      Hi Corbin;

      Sorry you missed the online entries. Someone will be there now to manually register you until 18h00.


  7. Hi

    I.t.o. of my son’s age, he will only start later during the day. Can he enter on arrival?



    • admin

      2015/02/13 at 15:19

      Andre; I am afraid entries close at 8:30. Did he enter online? If he did then someone should be around to issue his number board.


  8. Hi !
    Are the results from Sat up somewhere ?

    • admin

      2015/02/16 at 15:22

      The results for the top 3 in each category are up on the site now. Sprogs and Nippers will be added separately.


  9. hanri dalton

    2015/02/16 at 18:41

    Ek sien die results van die top 3 in elke kategorie is beskikbaar. Waar kan ek meer volledige uitslae en tye kry?


    Hanri Dalton

  10. If I have entered, registered and paid on line, have a CSA license and a number board from last week, is there a need for me to register again at the venue prior to the race? This will save me having to come out on Friday or being there 3 hours before my race on Saturday.


  11. Hi there,
    I am still trying to find the results for the sprogs and nippers? They were going to be published on Wednesday?
    I am looking for a concise results listing with ALL riders and time splits. Nippers to Elite.
    Is this not possible?

    Thanks, Joe

  12. Register me for the newsletter

  13. Me and my mate is gonna ride our first race,the Darling Brew,on 30 May.What must we have,for example ,a license or what please explain…

    • admin

      2015/05/12 at 08:15

      Hi Garth; If this is a non-CSA sanctioned race then they will not be able to insist on a CSA license. This event does not appear on the national calendar so it appears to be non-sanctioned.


  14. Karl Beaton

    2015/05/17 at 19:01

    Hi guys,

    I have been trying to find the rules and procedures for awarding colours on the wpmtb website with no luck. Please can I get a copy or do I need to go to Csa.


    • admin

      2015/05/18 at 12:36


      WP Regional colours are awarded based on top 3 accumulated points (if there are sufficient riders in your category) on the best of 3/4 WP XCO races. Western Cape Provincial Colours are awarded on a top 3 result in WC Champs. SA National races (or National team representation) will also contribute to the colours – both regional and provincial – if you participated.

  15. Hallo do you have a race schedule for the XCO champs on 23 May?

    • admin

      2015/05/20 at 16:25

      I have not got an official schedule, but it should for all intents and purposes remain as per the other WP Cup races.

  16. Do you send out a newsletter and if so how can one subscribe?Best regards.Danie

    • admin

      2015/07/21 at 13:38


      The best is to email WCMTBXCO at paarlmedia dot co dot za. They can then add you to the email database.


  17. Hi

    When will the WPXC and marathon dates for 2016 be available?

    • admin

      2015/11/18 at 22:03

      Jacques, I presume that you have picked up the message from Facebook. Sorry for the delay. We are in the process of applying for sanctioning and will post calendar dates once finalised. Regards

  18. Hi

    I would like to know when the XCO course signage will be up.

    Kind regards

    • admin

      2016/02/07 at 14:29

      Course layout has been prepared but it will only be marked during the week in order to be ready for the race next weekend. Formal practise is no Friday.


  19. Andre van der Vyver

    2016/02/08 at 21:13

    To whom it may concern:
    This will be the first time I enter; so I just want to know where to enter and the cost! Just want to do it for the experience; will be entering the sub vet men category!

    Kind regards
    Andre vd Vyver
    Sel: 0825221884
    Email: andrevyver@icloud.com

    • admin

      2016/02/09 at 09:21


      Today is the last day for pre-entries. The entry form is available on the website. There is a R50 for late entries.


  20. I entered online and you allocated my son to JB but he will be 16 in July. Should he not be allocated to YM.

  21. Good morning
    Could you please give directions to XCO # 2 in Helderberg
    I notice that the only course map available is from Rhebokskloof

    • admin

      2016/02/17 at 12:12

      If coming from Cape Town on the N2 then take Lord Charles / Somerset West turnoff and head back on the R44 towards Stellenbosch. About 4.5km after the Lord Charles, Klein Helderberg Road will be on your right. The tar is only a few hundred meters long before you hit the dirt. Just follow the dirt road all the way up to the parking on your right – just after the coffee shop at Helderberg Farm.

  22. Debbie Loffell-Dawson

    2016/02/18 at 11:18

    Unfortunately i see i have missed the pre-entries.
    Please can you advise what the cost on the day will be?
    Please can you also advise where i can get the timetable etc, as i’ll not be on the list of entered people.

  23. when is the wc xcm champs ?

  24. When will the wc mtb xcm champs take place?

    • admin

      2016/06/02 at 17:44

      Rudi, The WP XCM series is part of the Nissan Trailseeker series. Points accumulated in that series will determine WP Marathon standings. I will confirm but an educated guess is that the final race in that series will serve as the champs.

  25. Where do u see the overall standings

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